Welcome to AGM 25 | THINK | Part 2/3

VAM 34 artists with Steven Volpe’s Gaultier: Episode 1 – The City Dwellers

Welcome to AGM 25! We invite you all to ENGAGE in our exciting arts and culture programming! Equally important, we invite you all to THINK ART. Twenty-five years of art and community, and we’re just getting started! What will happen next? THINK about it, and let’s talk!

The viewing and creation of art certainly provides pleasure — how tempting is it to be lost in a sea of Rothko’s red? How amazing do you feel after a full day at the studio creating what will surely be your most amazing art work ever… at least until you look at it the next morning and realize how much it can still be improved? Art allows us the chance to escape, to revel in beauty and celebrate emotion, and above all — THINK.

Art also provides us with the opportunity to think critically. Thinking about art goes far beyond simply deciding whether an art work is good or bad — thinking about art means challenging yourself to go beyond your comfort zone. Use art as the catalyst to imagine new worlds and other people’s experiences. Understand the creative process behind your favourite art work in order to reflect on your own creative process, and how you can best commit to an artistic lifestyle. Above all, thinking about art means creating conversation — talk with fellow cultural producers and art enthusiasts, share your experiences, ignite inspiration in each other.

One of my favourite memories of the VAM 34 opening reception last January 10 was overhearing a conversation between two of the artists. One mentioned he liked the way the other one used light in his work. “Really?” the second artist replied. “Others would disagree with you.” I love that because it shows two talented artists discussing their craft and exchanging ideas about each other’s work.

Art can indeed be a solitary pursuit. However, the AGM firmly believes that a community aspect is essential as well. An arts community not only fosters supportive relationship; it also facilitates critical thinking and new ways of appreciating art. As such, we have the following programs for you:

VAM34 jurors Art Green and Catherine Beaudette Walking the Talk on Jan 22

Walk the Talk

How do the VAM jurors decide which pieces to exhibit? Why did the artist choose that particular theme? How does the artist’s perspective of his or her own work differ from the interpretation of a curator? The AGM invites everyone to Walk the Talk with us one afternoon each exhibition. Artists, curators and guest cultural producers will give a guided discussion and walking tour of the exhibit. The emphasis is on discussion – bring your questions and comments! Let’s get a conversation going!

Resource Room

Twenty-five years of publications! The AGM is currently cataloguing our library of art publications. Some of them are already available for you to check out in our Resource Room. Enrich your mind and learn about contemporary regional artists.

Mississauga Civic Centre – Visit the AGM on the ground floor!

Chatroom Talk | Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Do you have to move to Toronto to have a successful art career? We don’t think so! We believe we can have a thriving, dynamic art scene right here in Mississauga!

We want to know — what will it take for that to happen? How can the city and the AGM do to assist artists in launching a successful artistic career rin Mississauga? We want to hear from you in our first ever Chatroom Dialogue, April 10, 6 pm. Do you want to be a part of this conversation? RSVP – call Jaclyn at 905 896 5088 or email jaclyn.qua-hiansen@mississauga.ca. Let’s chat art!

Part 1: ENGAGE!

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