Welcome to AGM 25 | EXPERIENCE | Part 3/3

Welcome to AGM 25! We’ve invited you to ENGAGE, we’ve challenged you to THINK… Now we urge you to EXPERIENCE!

What do you look for when you visit an art gallery? Innovative work? A congenial, community atmosphere? The sense of being transported into a different world – one where beauty and passion enhance the experience of the everyday? As a public art gallery, we strive to provide an exceptional visitor EXPERIENCE. We want you to walk into our space, and be so overwhelmed by the art that you want to stay long past closing time! We want you to leave our space, and be inspired by the EXPERIENCE.

More important, however, we want you to bring your own EXPERIENCE into the gallery. Viewing art should always be an active EXPERIENCE – you infuse your ideas, your energy, and your insight into your appreciation for a piece of art. We also invite you to share your EXPERIENCES with us – how has art changed you? How do you want us to keep bringing art into your life? How can we work together in making Mississauga a thriving, dynamic art community? Your EXPERIENCES inform your response. Through art, we aim to present a critical lens by which to reflect on past EXPERIENCE, and through art, we strive to inspire innovative means by which to create an exciting new way to EXPERIENCE life.

Pecha Kucha Mississauga

Integral to the EXPERIENCE of art is the EXPERIENCE of community. What better way to EXPERIENCE community than by celebrating creativity together, in an informal, fast-paced, anything goes community event?

An international movement originating in Tokyo, Pecha Kucha 20 x 20 has become a global sensation! Pecha Kucha events have been staged in hundreds of cities around the world, and the AGM is thrilled to bring it to Mississauga!

Pecha Kucha 20 x 20 is based on a simple idea: 20 images timed at 20 seconds each. Our list of presenters includes artists, writers, and other cultural producers. Images can be of anything that interests the presenters – studio work, inspiration, family vacations, anything! With so many creative people on stage, we can only begin to imagine the exciting, unexpected images they will present!

Morris Lum, Lucky Charm Moose Village

Exit Exhibit | Project Space

EXPERIENCE the future of the regional art scene! The AGM’s Project Room provides a platform for emerging artists to exhibit alongside the featured exhibition. The AGM is committed to nurturing and challenging emerging talent, and we are thrilled to announce the inaugural exhibition of Mississauga-based Morris Lum in May 2012.

Artist Development Programme

The artistic EXPERIENCE goes far beyond inspiration. Building an art career requires hard work, an understanding of the professional art world, along with business and technology knowledge.

How can you build a successful career as an artist? What trends do we observe in the international art scene? How can public institutions like the AGM work with you in creating a dynamic, thriving art scene right here in Mississauga? The Artist Development Programme, launching soon, will engage the artist community with presentations, panel discussions, workshops and book readings to enhance dialogue and learning centred on an engaged professional practice.

The AGM believes in the value of constant learning. Whether you are an emerging artist or established, there is always something more to learn, and there is always something others can learn from you. Invite us into your learning experience! Stay tuned to our website for more information on our Artist Development Programme.


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