Welcome to AGM 25 | ENGAGE | Part 1/3

In 2012, the Art Gallery of Mississauga celebrates 25 years of bringing art to the community and the community to art! What a quarter century it’s been, and what a year we have in store! A new vision kicks off in 2012 — the AGM is ramping up our programming and inviting you all to join us in celebrating art in the 905!


A major theme in the contemporary art scene is the need for accessibility. The idea of art as paintings hung in silent galleries and open only to connoisseurs no longer holds true in the 21st century. The Museum of Modern Art has made their galleries available for viewing FREE online. The National Gallery of Canada’s Marc Mayer believes gallery collections should be available to the public. The Royal Ontario Museum has recently lowered its admission fees.

Accessibility goes far beyond free admission or free access to art, however. Art is becoming ever more community-based. Galleries and museums are reaching out to virtual audiences through social media. Events such as Nuit Blanche literally take art to the streets, and events like Pecha Kucha create welcoming, informal settings in which to celebrate creativity. What an inspiring era in which to be a cultural producer, what an exciting time in which to be an art lover, and what a fantastic time to turn 25!

30 Minute Curator Saturdays

The AGM is tearing down the fourth wall! We’re connecting cultural producers and gallery curators — bring your ideas and let the conversation begin!

Imagine this: 30 minutes with Stuart Keeler, an artist and curator with over twenty years of international experience with public art and gallery exhibitions. Do you have questions about launching your professional artistic career? Do you have ideas on how to ignite the Mississauga art scene? Do you have a burning desire to chat about exhibitions, artists or art trends you find especially innovative?

Our door is open.

First 30 Minute Curator Saturday is on February 25th. Spots still available. Email Jaclyn to register!

Community Chat Room

We want your ideas! We have recently repurposed part of our Gallery Space into a Resource Room/Community Chat Room, where visitors can peruse over 25 years of art and culture publications, and where the AGM will soon be issuing an online invitation for open forum on the potential of arts and culture as catalysts to create new communities.

Cultural leaders, members of the community — we want your vision! How can the AGM use art and culture to bring people together? Keep an eye on our website for further details, or contact Jaclyn to be added to our mailing list.

Roots and Branches | The AGM and the Mississauga Library System

Art and literature — what an exciting pair! In 2012, the AGM is partnering with the Mississauga Library System to create art and literature-based programming.

This March Break, we invite you to take part in our inaugural collaboration — Tell Me A Story | An Art-Inspired Creative Writing Workshop. All art tells a story — what stories can we unearth from the AGM’s permanent collection? Keep an eye on our website or contact Jaclyn for more details.

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