FWDrift Mississauga: The Drive

Hey 905 Art Chatters! We’re all really excited to have Julie Andreyev’s show open tonight at the Art Gallery! The FWDrift team (Julie Andreyev and Simon Lysander Overstall) and local participants Linda Thomas (MAC Executive Director) and Niwah Visser (Mississauga photographer) did their preparatory drive last Sunday, Sept 12, and I hear they had a great time!

Thanks to Niwah for taking such wonderful shots of the drive!

The FWDrift [remix] car. Thank you Mercedes Benz!

Artist Julie Andreyev hard at work on her Macbook. AND a nice open road… in a bustling city like Mississauga!

Streetsville – a wonderful li’l “village in the city”
Good alternative if you don’t want to drive all the way to Niagara-on-the-Lake

Hello! Need a break from buildings and paved roads? You don’t even need to leave the city!

Ahh Mississauga traffic… 🙂 On a brighter note, I love shopping at the Heartland Town Centre! Lots of good outlet shops, and for all you artists out there: they have a HUGE Michaels store!

And… Just because I LOVE the Driftmobile…

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