FWDrift Mississauga: Behind the Scenes

Photograph by Niwah Visser

Guest Blogger
Mississauga participant, Julie Andreyev’s FWDrift

I want to thank the Art Gallery of Mississauga for giving me the opportunity to participate in the FWDrift project.  Julie and Simon were wonderful to work with….Niwah too…….. and having the chance to drive a Mercedes Benz 300 was a bonus.

The Route

Following a discussion on the scope of the project we saddled up and were off for the tour, camera mounted on the front right of the car hood.  There was no preplanned route, just a general idea of the type and diversity of landscape Mississauga offers.  The city is geographically huge so I knew we wouldn’t be covering everything.  We headed up to the Heartland area to experience the big box store concept and then headed west to drive through Streetsville.  It was a cool, cloudy day so we were somewhat hard pressed to find people….they must have been down in Port Credit at the South Side Shuffle where we eventually headed.  We saw the small towns, quaint housing, tall condos well as the larger homes along Mississauga Road.  We detoured into the Mississauga Campus of the University of Toronto and came across some deer in the woods.  Lots of construction both on the roads and buildings.

The Sounds

We couldn’t figure out how to use the CD player…..it has to be synced up somehow so we played through the various radio stations.  Simon and I had a number of impressive duets going on which he ended up editing out of the final piece.

The People

It was hilarious how people liked to walk in front of the camera when we were stopped in a plaza or at a light.  There was some real posing going on.

The Final Product

With 3.5 hours worth or audio and video footage to work with, it was very interesting to see the final piece through the eyes/ears of Julie and Simon.  With everything we saw and caught on tape, the final product is what jumped out at them……interesting.

I truly enjoyed playing a small part in the creating of this exhibition.  Thanks again for the opportunity.

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