Lila Lewis Irving | A Note From Joan Tribble

Freedom is the first word that comes to mind when I remember the first of four workshops of Lila’s that I attended over a few years.  During her very first demonstration I was struck by her sensitivity and intensity.  She was unafraid.

In subsequent demos I found her emotion so palpable that, as I was watching her, I became tearful.  I admired her freedom to be vulnerable and “in the moment” in front of all of us.  Lila’s obvious willingness to not only trust her intuition as she was painting but also consistently encourage all of us during the critiquing part of the day, coaxed me out of the heady back corner in which I had been hiding.

One of Lila’s most helpful statements, one that has stayed with me as I continue to paint all these years later is, “Fight for your shapes!  The rest is just decoration!” In Lila’s workshops I learned that I was braver than I thought I was.  So, now I have learned to paint my feelings and the healing happens.

– Joan Tribble

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