Mississauga Drift & Animal Love: Julie Andreyev

Photo: Julie Andreyev, FWDrift

Hi 905 Art Chatters!

We’re all really excited about Vancouver artist Julie Andreyev’s upcoming show at the AGM. Opening on September 16th at 6 pm, julie andreyev: passages uses video technology to show the Mississauga cityscape and the experiences of dogs in a completely new way.

I chatted with her recently about passages. The show is composed of two parts: Four Wheel Drift and Animal Lover.

In Four Wheel Drift, local participants (AGM summer 2010 intern Robbie O’Halloran and Mississauga Arts Council Executive Director Linda Thomas) take Julie and her team around Mississauga. The artists then use the footage from the drive to create an audio-video collage of the city.

In Animal Lover, Julie uses video technology to take us into the minds of pets, specifically her own dogs, Tom and Sugi. One of the works in Animal Lover for example shows how Tom’s heightened sense of smell transforms a car ride into a psychedelic experience.

So 905 Art Chatters, I’d like to introduce you to artist Julie Andreyev:

Interview with Julie, Part 1
Chatting about Four Wheel Drift in Mississauga

Interview with Julie, Part 2
Chatting about Animal Lover, being a teacher & and an artist, and Julie’s 2010 Cultural Olympiad project on social media

Catch julie andreyev: passages at the Art Gallery of Mississauga from September 16 to October 31.

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