VAM 37 | Artist Profile: Jane Austin

Jane Austin, Eggs: Winter Light through Cedars, 2014, HD Video, 8 mins 30 secs. Courtesy of the artist.

Visual Arts Mississauga 37th Annual Juried Show of Fine Arts, at the Art Gallery of Mississauga from January 15 – February 14, received 232 entries from across Ontario. Jurors selected 41 artists to be in the show.Until the end of the exhibition, the AGM blog will feature VAM 37 artists. Learn about the thinking behind the works in the exhibit, and see the works in person at the AGM! Vote for the VAM 37 People’s Choice Winner at our facebook page! To purchase works, contact the AGM.

In this post, the AGM blog features Jane Austin.

How did you come to the idea to construct this work? What was the thought process behind it and what were your strategies in expressing this idea visually?

My video work Eggs: Winter Light Through Cedars was taken under very specific lighting conditions. Within about 2 weeks in January, I need a few days of strong sunlight and an active wind to create moving, filigree shadows caused by a cedar hedge. I set up some sort of white still life , in this case on the floor, and video the shadows moving across the items in the still life. I have a very short window of time to do this as the sun starts to set. I add sound in order to augment the mood of the piece and also to extend the sense of space out from the video. To me, these are paintings with the addition of sound and movement.

It has become obvious to me that life never gives the same conditions twice so I find that my work, which is based on light and the movement caused by wind, necessarily changes from year to year.

 Who’s your favorite artist (ideally within the 905)?

I will say that I find the videos of Adad Hannah inspiring and the paintings of Kim Dorland wondrous.

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