Rena Sava: Abstracting the Urban Landscape

A post by Emily Kovacs, Marketing | Communications Volunteer

905 artist Rena Sava welcomes the unexpected in her prints of fragmented urban landscapes for Urban Abstraction. Her unique artisitc process involving Styrofoam blocks that produce incidental marks outside of her planed designs. They may seem like mistakes, but in truth, they are part of what makes Sava’s prints exciting to see! Those incidental marks impart human touch on her architectural landscapes and give them a sense of life, chance, and change. They remind viewers that the built urban environments Sava portrays are human-made, both affecting and affected by human interaction.

The AGM recently interviewed the artist about her exhibition:

AGM: How has your design background influenced your artwork?

RS: My design background influences my work all the time. I see the light and reflections in Urban Buildings all the time and when I use them they are for design and not the literal sense that they are.

AGM: Urban Abstraction reflects a shift in your artistic process. Your interest in print-making through etching has given way to an interest in creating relief prints using Styrofoam blocks. How does the use of Styrofoam blocks affect your artistic process?

RS: Styrofoam as a plate medium has enhanced my prints because the styrofoam breaks down as it is used and creates marks and textures that are similar to concrete and other building materials. These enhance my images of Urban Abstractions.

AGM: How is your perception of urban space affected by living within the landscape of the 905?

RS: The 905 area gives me all the interesting spaces and landscapes I need for inspiration for my abstractions.

There are many interesting buildings and lots of rural landscape too within the region.

Are you wondering how Rena made these prints? Check out some images of her process in the slideshow below! (All images courtesy of the artist.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Rena Sava: Urban Abstraction is on view at the AGM, along with Dipna Horra: Dhunia: Octet and Rehab Nazzal: Visible, until January 1. Rena Sava will give a talk and demonstration of her process at the AGM on December 6, 1 pm. Entrance to the event is free – RSVP here. For more information on the exhibitions, see

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