Sahmat | Programming Partnerships

Wheely Great Veggie Gardens, a joint project by AGM and Ecosource, at C Cafe, Mississauga Celebration Square

A guest post by Tina Chu, Engagement Officer

The AGM’s programming philosophy is informed by our mission and mandate. As guiding principles, our mandate to bring art to the community and the community to art, ensure our events operate on parallel tracks where they have a firm root in exhibitions while maintaining an awareness of the community.

Examples in such Sahmat programming initiatives include our partnerships with Ecosource. Since July, the AGM has partnered with Ecosource to present two edible gardens at C Café. Just as the Sahmat Collective believes that art can propel change, artists and AGM staff are animating Ecosource’s two Wheely Great Veggie Gardens in the C Café to bring conversations of community gardens, local food and food security to a new context.

Not only do the Wheely Great Gardens provide fresh, local produce to the C Café, the AGM also connects with Mississauga Celebration Square festivals so Ecosource might deliver free Container Gardening Workshops for residents to learn about growing their own food. Inspired by Sahmat, Wheely Great demonstrates organizations working cross-secotirally and harmoniously to expand conversations on community gardens and bring issues of food security to a new context.

TIMEANDDESIRE launch Dance Freely on Mississauga Celebration Square at Bollywood Monster Mashup 2014
TIMEANDDESIRE will launch Dance Freely on Mississauga Celebration Square at Bollywood Monster Mashup 2014

Finally, another example is our partnership with artist collective TIMEANDDESIRE and Bollywood Monster Mashup. With these distinct partners, the AGM is proud to co-present a Bollywood Monster Intervention. Here, TIMEANDDESIRE, much like Sahmat artists, will produce interventionist art work that interact with the public at street level and blends experiences of high art and street art for a unique , and open experience at Mississauga Celebration Square


The Sahmat Collective: Art and Activism in India since 1989 is organized by the Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago, and is on view at the AGM from July 24 – October 19, 2014. For more information on the exhibition and a full schedule of events, please visit

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