An Open Letter from Stuart Keeler

An Open Letter from Stuart Keeler, Director | Curator

The AGM is open and engaged to collaborate with the residents of Mississauga and beyond.

Currently, I want to hear from viewers, members and those with a history with the AGM, to learn how we can envision, plan and expand the Gallery.

This is the time.

If you are from Mississauga – and you did not know there was a Public Art Gallery in the Civic Centre (alas…a common tale!) we want to hear from you too!

The week of August 4 is chock full of talk, chatter and dialogue as the AGM launches its 3-5 year Strategic Plan with consultant Margaret Genovese with Genovese Vanderhoof & Associates.

If you have an idea, notion or grand scheme on how the AGM can move forward with the residents of Mississauga – please click here for the Strategic Plan Survey. Building upon past work of previous Board and staff, the AGM is poised to situate the next consultant study in January 2015 with the analysis of two possible locations in Mississauga for a new facility.

The AGM wants to hear from as many people as possible. To that end, a Member Survey has been circulated to our donors, and Community and In-Gallery Surveys have been activated this summer. The survey period will end in September to be followed by a series of roundtable conversations on the AGM.

My message is constant and consistent: The AGM believes that the role of the artist is a compelling link to youth, seniors and families, with innovative exhibition and education projects in the communities of our city. A flourishing artist community needs resources to grow and stay vital; therefore, the AGM is committed to foster new compelling programmes and exhibitions to capture and inspire thinking and civic dialogue.

We want to hear from you! Please contact the Gallery at or 905 896 5088.

Click here for the Strategic Plan Survey

Stuart Keeler
Director | Curator
Art Gallery of Mississauga

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