VAM 36 | Artist Profile: Andrea Stajan-Ferkul

Andrea Stajan-Ferkul, Unapologetic, Acrylic and Mixed Media, 76 x 152 cm

Meet the artists in VAM 36!

Visual Arts Mississauga 36th Annual Juried Show of Fine Arts, at the Art Gallery of Mississauga from January 16 – February 22, received 209 entries from across Ontario. Jurors selected 52 artists to be in the show.

Until the end of the exhibition, the AGM blog will feature VAM 36 artists. Learn about the thinking behind the works in the exhibit, and see the works in person at the AGM!

Name: Andrea Stajan-Ferkul
Title of Work: Unapologetic
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram: AndreaStajanFerkul@canvascloset | @asf14

1. Tell us about your work in VAM 36.  Give us an idea of the conceptual framework you used in creating this piece.  What inspired it?  Why did you choose to use particular medium? Why that particular perspective, set of colours subject matter etc.

The title suggests the strength and sensuality of a woman.  Unapologetic for being who she is – from the inside out.  In celebrating the spirit of a woman, I explore perceptions of style and elegance, and the essence of beauty.  While there is a fashion reference, the work evokes a deeper look into the complexity of women, each with her own story.  The use of mixed media and textile elements create dimension with the final work residing somewhere between reality and interpretation.

2. How would you describe your creative process? How has your style changed since you started, and what do you think is the reason behind the change?

My work has increasingly become more intuitive.  I begin by painting the background with spontaneity and expression, which allows for communicating emotion.  With the subject matter, there’s always the question of what remains and what does not.  I make creative choices on what feels right during the process of adding and subtracting, at times leaving unfinished areas to allow for suggestion. 

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