VAM 36 | Tips for Joining Juried Shows

Have you thought about submitting artwork to a juried show? As the AGM finalizes preparations for the Visual Arts Mississauga 36th Annual Juried Show of Fine Arts, we asked Mississauga artist Fausta Facciponte, who has participated in a number of juried shows, about her experience with them.

In this guest post, Facciponte gives her tips to aspiring artists for submitting one’s work to a juried show.

I’ve had great success with juried shows, in numerous public galleries from Ontario to Japan, Puerto Rico, and Maryland. While you can ask Google for most tips on how to submit your artwork, I can tell you what I learned from my own experience and might work for you…and that’s: Work, Play and Stop.

1. Work.

Find out who the jurors are; a show that has a panel comprised of curators and artists is a good choice – it’s an easy way to have a curator or artist look at your work. People are busy, and if there’s a chance to have someone in the world of art to look at your work – then why wouldn’t you take that opportunity?  It could lead to a connection. With my own experience, I met several curators that were interested in my work which led to the exhibition of 4 separate solo shows – all in prominent galleries. So it’s important to be there opening night, and working.

2. Play.

Your accepted work makes you feel great. Enjoy. You like seeing your work on the coveted white walls of the gallery space, hanging next to other fine and deserving works. Meet those artists and play. Copy that.

3. Stop.

Okay, you and your art have been repeatedly validated. Your works have circulated many juried shows. Kudos! You have outgrown the juried show and it’s time to give someone else a turn, especially if you keep winning the prizes. Take the next step and let the real work begin.

One last tiny piece of advice: submit your best work. An expensive ornate frame doesn’t strategically conceal mediocrity. Put your best forward, knowing that you may have to embrace the rejection as part of the success ahead. Those little rejections are big moments when your artwork is trying to tell you something and you need to listen – And that will be between you and your artwork.

That’s my tough love. What I learned from experience…un-Googled.


The Visual Arts Mississauga 36th Annual Juried Show will be at the Art Gallery of Mississauga January 16 – February 22.

Fausta Facciponte is a contemporary artist who uses a variety of photographic techniques, including traditional film-based and modern digital processes. She has an upcoming solo exhibition at the AGM, Six Characters in Search of  Photograph, Featured Exhibition of the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival, May 15 – June 29.

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