“The Collage” | A Poem by Anna Yin

P. Mansaram, Cow on the Rocks, 2005, Site-specific photo lasergraph and mixed media on paper, 84 x 135 cm

The Collage
Anna Yin

I ask Mr. P. Mansaram,
“Any story for it?”
“No. I just happened to carve a huge rock
and built a room inside.
When a lady stood there, I took a photo.
Later I made this painting.”

No story.
Yet this carved dark cow stares at me,
and the lady looks familiar?
I guess lately I have too many thoughts of my own sister.
Last night I dreamt of her.

But no news is good news.
This April, I got news and flew back.
With silk scarfs I brought to her,
I soothed my sister,
“Wrap your hair with them,
You will look more beautiful!”

The lady inside the painting faces away from us,
shaded by her long red scarf.
Surely I bought a red one for my sister.
Mr. P. Mansaram doesn’t know our story,
he smiles and agrees:
“You could write any story for it.”

But no news is good news.
I fear to write any.


Cow on the Rocks, is one of the works featured in P. Mansaram   Past | Present at the Art Gallery of Mississauga July 18 – September 7, 2013. artgalleryofmississauga.com


anna-3-5Anna Yin is an award-winning poet and IT professional. She has five poetry books. She was a finalist for Canada’s Top 25 Canadian Immigrants Award in 2011/2012. CBC Radio, Rogers TV, China Daily and others interviewed her about her poetry. More details are available on annapoetry.com

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