The Gaze | Chimera by Sumaira Tazeen

Sumaira Tazeen, Chimera, video still.

What do we look at – and why? In The Gaze, an exhibition of experimental, or narrative-based, interactive short films, eight artists present engaging and thought provoking interpretations of “looking.” View the videos on the digital screens in Mississauga Celebration Square! Screening schedule is on the AGM website.

Over the next few weeks, the AGM blog will feature guest posts by The Gaze artists, revealing the conceptual framework behind their videos.

Chimera by Sumaira Tazeen

Gaze is actually an insight to me. It is an insight of the eye of your mind through which you analyze, that is different from the physical eye. It makes you decide between the positive and the negative within yourself as well as in your surroundings.

My video Chimera is an extension of the work that I created in Pakistan first in 2009 and another in 2011. It all started with idea of me representing my feelings for Pakistan and Karachi where I used to live before immigrating to Canada. The video was shot with digital HD Camera and edited at a production house in Karachi, Pakistan.  I have slightly tweaked the same video to make it part of this show.

The Call for Submissions for The Gaze here was exciting to me, however it was also difficult to create the relation that truly represent my thoughts about  the city/country. I have made my video silent with a collaged imagery of my own lips that suggests an illusion of eyes that equally measures love and surprises for the urban landscape – buildings and people, roads and crowds, bridges and bodies alike.

I am hoping that my video will be able to communicate my feelings to a newly immigrated country and the city of Mississauga.


About The Gaze

The Art Gallery of Mississauga, in partnership with the City of Mississauga’s Culture Division, publicized a Call for Artists to submit proposals of experimental, or narrative-based, interactive short films. A total of 8 works were selected that helped define, broaden and contribute to the philosopher Jacques Lacan’s concept of distinguishing between the eye’s look and THE GAZE.

View the schedule on our website.

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