Roots and Branches | Artists in the Community

On Thursday, April 11, the AGM and the Mississauga Library System co-hosted a tweetchat on the topic Artists in the Community. What is the role of the artist in the community? What kind of art can be created with artists engage with the community? What are the implications of involving the community in the artistic process? How do artist projects reflect a shift in perspective about art, and how will this re-define art and the role of the artist?

Missed the chat? See the Storify transcript here.

Then join in by sharing your thoughts on the questions below! And keep an eye out for a follow up in-person panel discussion at the AGM! Details to follow.

Questions were as follows:

Q1 What makes something art?

Q2 How do artist projects in the community challenge the way we think about art?

Q3  How does engaging the community in the creation of art add a socially relevant dimension to our perception of art?

Q4 What differentiates artist projects in the community from community projects?  Why are they art?

Q5 How can museums and galleries present art that is rarely conceived with an exhibition in mind?

Q6 How can artists respond to the challenge of making art out of social practice?

Q7 How can cultural institutions educate the public about why projects in the community can be considered art?

Q8 If given the chance to make an artist project in the community, what social issue would you address, and how?


Roots and Branches is at the Art Gallery of Mississauga until April 20. 

Image: Karen Maze, Many Faces, One Portrait, 2013, black and white photographs

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