AGM Auction 10 | A Volunteer’s Tale

Long-time AGM volunteer and docent Azadeh Monzavi volunteered as the scribe at the AGM’s Auction Silver (2012). In this guest post for the AGM, Azzi writes about her experience being a part of the Art Auction!

I had the opportunity to be the scribe at the AGM’s auction last year and it was an unforgettable experience. I got to meet the mayor of Mississauga, mingle with artists and art-lovers while being surrounded by many exciting and interesting works of art. There is something for every taste, from a chocolate bar weighing five pounds to a breakfast for six with the mayor! Not to mention the excitement and anticipation that comes with seeing how much a work of art will actually sell for! Or even better which work is going to sell for more, is it gonna be the small and delicate painting of monkeys with bananas or the large and abstract painting depicting blue skies! Looking forward to this year’s auction and another year of awesome and pleasant surprises!


Join in the fun in this year’s AGM Annual Art Auction! The five pound chocolate bar in the photo above is but one of the over 100 items you can bid on in the Silent Auction. Artists with works up for auction this year include Norval Morrisseau, Abraham Anghik Ruben, Micah Lexier, Catherine Beaudette, Libby Hague, Lila Lewis Irving, Tazeen Qayyum, among others.

10 | ANNUAL ART AUCTION will be at the AGM on May 2, 6 pm.


Rob Cowley, Chief Auctioneer, Joyner Canadian Fine Art


Doors open at 6 pm.

Live Auction begins promptly at 7 pm.


$75 each.

Each ticket includes a $50 voucher used towards any one item in the live auction.

To purchase:

Contact Reception at the AGM 905 896 5088 / All proceeds go to supporting exhibitions, artist projects and education initiatives.

Details on the AGM website.

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