APP | View from the Students

The AGM is proud to announce a new session of the Artist Professional Practices (APP) series begins this March 12! Learn useful tips on creating a successful career as an artist, from experts and professionals in the field.

Topics include:

  • Writing Artist Statements that effectively represent your work in the best light
  • How belonging to a community of artists can help you navigate your own practice
  • Public art and how can you be involved
  • CARFAC, and how its commitment to represent artists’ interests can help you
  • Representing yourself on social media and the digital realm
  • “Legal stuff” you need to know to protect your rights
  • And many more!

The full series runs 10 sessions — every Tuesday night from 7 – 9 pm — and costs $85. Artists may also opt to attend individual sessions, at a cost of $20 per class.

The AGM held its first Artist Professional Practices Series last November/December. Here’s what two of the students had to say:

“I was very excited to discover that AGM was running a Professional Practices seminar series: it addresses a particularly weak area of mine. In many ways, I know what I need to be doing, but ultimately, I wasn’t getting it done. As in any endeavour, its what you ignore that hurts you! So I was really grateful for both the structure of a weekly meeting and the well-researched, extremely useful content. I found all of the sessions helpful, but of particular personal interest were the presentations on social media, applying for grants and artists statements. Lastly, I met many interesting and helpful artists during the course, and as a result, I now feel more connected to Mississauga’s artistic community.

I can’t recommend AGM’s Professional Practices course highly enough: thoroughly professional, incredibly useful! And don’t be fooled by the artist-friendly price – it’s worth many, many times that!”

Kal Honey

 “When I first read about the Art Gallery of Mississauga’s new professional practices series I wasn’t sure I was interested because I had taken some related courses and workshops already. On reading the schedule I realized that it would cover a wider range of topics than I’d expected and even included a trip to the Toronto International Art Fair. So I signed up right away and barely got the last spot. The workshops provided structure and support, packaging the information into coherent units delivered by experts we could ask questions of to clarify our particular concerns. I hated to miss any class and miss it now that it’s over.”

Kim Lee Kho

Interested in trying it out yourself? The first session of the new series is next Tuesday, March 12:

Artist Proposals and Statements, CV ‘s – Resumes with SoJin Chun

$20 per session or $85 for the 10 week course. RSVP

Details of the full series available here (PDF).

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