AGM 25 | JOIN the AGM!

Happy 25th Anniversary to the Art Gallery of Mississauga! As the AGM turns 25, Operations Manager Gail Farndon invites you to become a part of the gallery!

Wow! The Art Gallery of Mississauga just celebrated 25 years! We have come a long way in those 25 years, thanks in most part to the loyalty and support of our wonderful members and community partners.

The best part is, we’re just getting started. The future is filled with potential for the AGM, and the Gallery has bigger and more exciting things planned. Growth for the Gallery means more than an expansion of exhibition space – as stated in the Gallery’s new Artistic Vision, as written by Curator Stuart Keeler, “The AGM is interested in setting benchmarks for public galleries.”  The AGM will be a leader in the GTA arts community, stimulating intellectual growth with challenging exhibitions and programming.

Now is the time to become involved! As a not-for-profit institution, the Gallery relies on the patronage of community members such as yourself in order to grow and spearhead new initiatives.

Do you love art? Are you passionate about revitalizing arts and culture in the GTA? The Art Gallery of Mississauga needs you! Join us as we challenge the community to ENGAGE. THINK. INSPIRE.

We offer many levels of involvement. Your support can be as simple as a one-time donation – any bit helps! As well, for our 25th Anniversary, we invite you to inquire about our Silver Donor programme – a one time donation that gives you access to a number of supporter benefits. We also offer Individual and Family Memberships, as well as Rewards Memberships and Corporate Memberships.

We invite corporations: make your mark in the arts community by sponsoring an exhibition or an educational programme!

The Art Gallery of Mississauga is your Gallery – whether you live in Mississauga or not, this gallery operates in order to engage anyone passionate about art, anyone who walks through our doors, and anyone who engages with us on our many social media channels.

Now is the time to become involved! Contact me, Gail Farndon – Operations Manager, at 905 896 5506 / I’d love to hear from you!

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