Genius Loci | The Artists Speak

This is the final week to view Genius Loci at the Art Gallery of Mississauga!

The AGM’s 25th Anniversary Celebration Exhibition, Genius Loci features contemporary artists re-imagining and responding to iconic visual art depictions of the Canadian landscape.

Genius Loci – a spirit of place that informs and identifies the history or destiny of a region.

How do contemporary art practices begin to translate the iconic Canadian sense of place?

See the artists speak about some of the concepts behind their work in Genius Loci:

Some of these videos are also viewable within the Gallery by scanning a QR code with your smartphone. Drop by the exhibition and listen to the artist speak while viewing his/her piece!

You may also view more videos at the AGM’s YouTube channel.

Genius Loci ends November 4 — see it before then!

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