AGM 25 | Arshad Mahmood on AGM 25th

Happy 25th Anniversary to the Art Gallery of Mississauga! As the AGM turns 25, AGM Board President Arshad Mahmood reflects on the milestone.

Small as it may be for a city the size of Mississauga, the Art Gallery has successfully established its footprint on the cultural grounds of the 905. This year marks the adoption of a clearly defined vision and mission statement which reflect our core values as we continue to represent, reflect and respond to the vibrant and multicultural fabric of our city.

The AGM is committed to presenting stimulating exhibitions which are aesthetically strong and intellectually challenging alongside multi-platform ancillary events.  A particular interest is in projects that engage our community and reflect our awareness of contemporary and relevant cultural topics and issues.

We are generously supported by the City and well placed within the Cultural Master Plan. We have recently finished a Facility Planning Study that suggests strategies to prepare ourselves for the future. Our past performance and current momentum are indicative of where we want to be in next 25 years and beyond.

I am honoured to lead a committed volunteer board of directors and I am thankful for their contributions. I congratulate the staff and volunteers of the gallery as their dedication to the task has brought us this far and I praise all those artists who have been a part of the gallery through exhibitions, through references or through donations. I am also thankful to our sponsors and supporters whose generous contributions have helped us “bring art to the community and the community to art.”

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