XIT-RM | Tazeen Qayyum

Tazeen Qayyum, Ciels / Book #1

How does a miniature painter become involved in creating calligraphy for an Artist Book Project?

In the AGM XIT-RM, Tazeen Qayyum presents script as a repetitious line narrates sculptural forms of pesticide containers and other forms of destruction.  To the untrained eye, the script may appear as a loose doodle gone awry, yet there is a presence to the careful delineation.  As a native of Pakistan, the artist asserts that although the Urdu Nasta‘lig script is not perfectly rendered by her hand, these lines do command a presence.

Qayyum speaks to the AGM about the similarities and connections between miniature painting and calligraphy:

As well, take a virtual tour of the XIT-RM exhibition Coule dans les Veines (Flows in the Veins) with artist Tazeen Qayyum:

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