Youth | What does REBEL mean to you?

As the new school year begins the Art Gallery of Mississauga would like to remind the youth of Mississauga not to lose their summer spirit! The AGM celebrated  National Youth Arts Week: Rebel! The week-long celebration encouraged youth to speak up, to think beyond convention and view the world with the intention of becoming an active, engaged part of the community. Young people across Canada joined together to host the largest youth-led celebration of both creative expression and community involvement in the country.

The AGM was proud to also host Jane’s Walk, a Psychogeographic Walking Tour with Shawn Micallef, a fun and interactive walk that encouraged an unconventional, participant-dictated exploration of Mississauga city centre. The AGM has also been a proud supporter of the Mississauga Youth Arts Week Rebel art contest, in which young Mississauga artists were asked to create artwork around the theme what does being a rebel mean to you?

The AGM encourages youth to continue this spirit of rebellion by showing you the winners of the Mississauga Youth Arts Week Rebel art contest! Congratulations to winners Sarah W and Tulika Datta!

Selected images are as follows:

Sarah W

Tulika Datta


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