Welcome to Contemporary Jamaica Art!

Contemporary Jamaican Art, circa1962 | circa2012 is well underway at the Art Gallery of Mississauga. It’s been one of the AGM’s best attended exhibitions to date, and we thank everyone who has dropped by to see the exhibit. The AGM is honoured to host such a vital part of the celebrations for Jamaica’s 50th anniversary of independence. Jump 4 Jamaica indeed!

This exhibition juxtaposes historical Jamaican art, created circa 1962, around the time of independence, with contemporary works. What implication does this have on our understanding and appreciation of Jamaican art since independence? In this video, Dr. Veerle Poupeye, Executive Director of the National Gallery of Jamaica, as well as guest curator for this exhibition explains her curatorial approach for Contemporary Jamaican Art, circa1962 | circa2012:

This exhibition at the Art Gallery of Mississauga is part of Jamaica 50, a global celebration of Jamaica’s 50th year of independence.

On August 6, 1962, Jamaica raised the black, gold and green flag signifying its status as an Independent nation, and all Jamaicans celebrated the joyous occasion with a particular sense of pride. For a small island nation, Jamaica has a very large footprint. The world knows us for athletic prowess, music, food, fun and sun. Yet among the best of our achievements is the output of our creative class — a wealth of art, literature, and dance. [De Ronde, Paula. “Introduction.” Contemporary Jamaican Art, circa1962 | circa2012. Veerle Poupeye, Curator. Toronto: Jamaica 50 Celebration Inc, 2012. 5 – 6.]

The AGM will expand our celebrations to the web with a social media campaign aimed at exploring various aspects of Jamaican culture, as well as providing historical, social, and personal context for the works in the exhibition. Keep an eye on this blog for artist and cultural producer videos, as well as posts about Jamaican food, music, literature, and more!

The AGM will also be launching the following themes on Twitter and Facebook:

Music Monday
History Tuesday
Movie Wednesday
Book It Thursday
Party Friday

Each day will celebrate another fascinating aspect of Jamaican culture. We invite you to join us!

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Join in the conversation and tell us what you love most about Jamaica, or share a fascinating tidbit you know about Jamaican culture or history, or simply tell us what you think about the exhibition! Post a comment on our Facebook page. Tweet @ us and join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #AGMjamaica.

Jump 4 Jamaica with the AGM! Contemporary Jamaican Art, circa1962 | circa2012 is on view at the AGM until Sept 8.

Engage. Think. Inspire.

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