Lise Beaudry: Sur la glace | Standing on Ice -2/2

Lise Beaudry, Underscape (video still), 2011

Continued from yesterday’s guest post.

Our experience of ice and snow gets more intimate in the second room, the hush of which is like the deep quiet after a fresh snow fall.

Where the front room shows us the roots of Beaudry’s work, providing insight into how the artist processes her personal experience, the back displays her elegant distillations. The result at first glance appears to be a series of monochrome paintings, all about white surfaces. Moving closer you see they are large photographs, quiet meditations on the frozen landscape as though seen with your face inches from the ground.

The first piece on your left is a diptych. Its lack of horizon and shallow depth of field make it difficult to figure out the scale of the image. If you hadn’t seen the first room you might think you were looking at a microscopic view.

In the other photographs you can recognize surface details – maybe from childhood, if that was the last time you got that close to snow: of little drifts and dents; creased surfaces; and shards of frost.

It sounds like the work is all about the surfaces, and in many ways it is, but it manages to convey a sense of space as well, undefined and ambiguous, but definitely outdoors.

The video and audio works are similarly spare, and take you down below the ice surface.

Walking on a frozen lake, look up at the horizon and you might have a scene by David Milne; look down near your feet and you have a Lise Beaudry.

The Art Gallery of Mississauga wishes to thank Kim Lee Kho ( for her guest post on our blog.

Do you have anything you’d like to share about your experience viewing Lise Beaudry: Sur la glace | Standing on Ice? Email the AGM at and let us know!

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