Lise Beaudry: Sur la glace | Standing on Ice – 1/2

Lise Beaudry, La peche blanche – Blue Hut with Christmas Lights, 2009, inkjet print, 38 x 51 cm

Lise Beaudry’s photographs re-visit her childhood in francophone northern Ontario, especially the central ritual of ice fishing on the lake: the people and shelters, the ice and snow.

The exhibition is set up in two rooms. The left wall of the first contains a long, irregular and well-curated group of photos resembling family snapshots, which some of them are. It’s a fragmentary personal narrative: childhood drawings and moments with dad, the present day with Beaudry’s son, snowy landscape views, and interior details of remarkable clarity. Captions handwritten directly on the gallery wall add to the informality.

The wall on the right has a more formal row of portraits of the shelters used for life on the lake. Each is set in a clean, wintry expanse contrasting with the unique irregularities of alterations their owners patched together over time. The resulting community is a kind of anti-subdivision – nothing cookie-cutter here!

The Art Gallery of Mississauga wishes to thank Kim Lee Kho ( for her guest post on our blog.

Keep an eye out tomorrow, June 7th, for the second half of this post, about the Whitescape series, the Underscape video and the Zone audio component.

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