Lise Beaudry: The Poetics of Distance

Lise Beaudry: Sur la glace | Standing on Ice
May 10 – July 8

A Featured Exhibition of the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival

Presenting a new body of work, Beaudry reflects upon the northern Canadian landscape of the frozen lake. Captured in its palpable silence, winter snow cover is not one of erasure, rather one of memory and personal detail.

In conjunction with this exhibition, the Art Gallery of Mississauga has produced a catalogue Sur la glace | Standing on Ice. The following is an excerpt from an essay by Gaelle Morel on Beaudry’s work (English translation by Monica Haim):

Lise Beaudry is originally from Earlton, a hamlet in Northern Ontario near the Quebec border; her photographic work explores the ciy landscape of this region. She is particularly interested in the frozen lakes, where rural communities fish in winter. Ice fishing, which is a typical popular leisure activity for the French-speaking inhabitants of this area, constitutes an occasion to meet an dto carry on an old tradition. Yet, in representing these gatherings of family and friends, which she has attended every year since childhood, Beaudry makes a seemingly paradoxical choice: she shows bare and snowy landscapes devoid of any human figure. An aesthetic of distancing, informed as much by the documentary style as by abstract painting, makes the fishing huts and the smooth surfaces of the snow-covered lakes — so intimately linked with her personal history — appear stripped of all sentimentality.

A full version of the essay, as well as the original French version, can be found in the Sur la glace | Standing on Ice catalogue, available at the Art Gallery of Mississauga.

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