Lila Lewis Irving | A Note From Danielle Doucet

I’ve been studying with Lila since 2009. 
Lila Lewis Irving caught my eye on a St-Lawrence College pamphlet, her painting was so fresh and spontaneous, something I don’t see very often. Lila did not disappoint me, the fiery red head that walked in that class reflected every bit of her painting, strong, passionate and decided.

She is the boss and commands your attention, I was hypnotized I could not get enough of her demos: she makes it look effortless but it is the hardest thing I ever did and I am forever grateful to her…  Through her I learned to trust my instincts.

She teaches with passion and is very serious about her art; she is a force not to be taken lightly and knows who is serious about their art as well.
She is my mentor, I am truly grateful that our paths crossed; it made me a better artist. When she signed my book: “This is only the beginning…” 
Thanks Lila, have a great exhibit.

Danielle Doucet

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