Lila Lewis Irving | A Note From Dr C. James Ingles

She is simply amazing…and draws from her students’ hidden resources to be creative in ways they never imagined. While a fan of non-objective painting I had no idea what distinguished good from not so good….until Lila. She has a wonderful if sometimes brutal, but always helpful, way of seeing through to the basic design elements in a painting, and to teach that to her students.

Learning from her has freed me, not only to paint expressively in acrylics, but also in the screen monoprinting and plein aire landscape painting that I also enjoy. I am sure at my first classes at  Haliburton with Lila, I must have driven her crazy as I struggled to adapt to seeing and creating strong, well formed images. But with perseverance and many repeat classes with her now for over 5 years I am finally happy and she can be pleased with my progress I hope.

– Dr C. James Ingles

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