Toronto Art Expo 2012

With more than 200 Canadian and International artists and galleries in attendance, Toronto Art Expo featured a variety of styles that appealed to a broad spectrum of art collectors.

Dubbed “the affordable art fair,” the expo didn’t live up to its name with the cheapest piece being more than $600.

While most of the artists were more than happy for patrons to snap photos of their works, some artists were hesitant and dare I say paranoid that some devious person will create a poster of a work and make ridiculous profits from it.

I thought exposure was essential for an artist. Wouldn’t someone taking a photo of your work eventually bring exposure? Sure, you don’t see any profit immediately, but the long-term benefit could be enormous.

Despite its conservative exhibitors, Toronto Art Expo is a great opportunity to experience a large collection of different artists, styles and influences in one building. Just don’t forget your checkbook or your bargaining skills.

– Curtis Sindrey, Art Gallery of Mississauga Intern

One thought on “Toronto Art Expo 2012

  1. Stan says:

    Wow you have a pretty good camera. Do you have any more pictures of the Georges C series by Diane Brouillette? For some reason I was really moved by them.

    Spot on about the prices btw…

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