Lila Lewis Irving | A Note From John Rowsome

Lila Lewis Irving is the best of the best and as she is not shy of meeting challenges head-on, agreed to carve several weeks out of her creative life each year to do the impossible…with remarkable success and adulation.

Many aspiring artists flock to Haliburton, Ontario to work hard, be inspired, exposed and altered. Lila is on a relentless quest to instill a deep understanding of the technical applications and merits of this unique abstract art form while channeling each student to free their mind and instinctively apply paint to canvass…with confidence and without hesitation.

By day two you will likely have completed over 70 sketches, shapes, elements, contrasts and small coloured abstractions of one kind or another.

By day five Lila requires that all students complete seven full works on canvas, completed within a span of 5-10 minutes each.  The results are amazing, just about as amazing as the wonderful way in which she gently transports you from the person you were, to  five days later, an abstractionist with a glimmer of hope.

Lila stretches her students like she does her canvas and she boldly extols the courage of clearing the mind like she throws her acrylic paint…with conviction.

– John Rowsome

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