CON SPIRITO | Meet Lila Lewis Irving

Lila Lewis Irving’s tools, Image courtesy of Hugh Wesley Photography

“My art, like my life, is controlled chaos.”
– Lila Lewis Irving, artist

The Art Gallery of Mississauga is proud to present Con Spirito, a retrospective of Mississauga artist Lila Lewis Irving’s work. At 76, Lila has worked in various artistic styles and mediums — from print making to portraits to landscapes, and finally, from the 90s onwards, to abstract expressionism. She tells the AGM that she looks at her large-scale canvases and thinks, “Finally! I can express myself.”

Lila uses non-traditional tools to paint. One of her favourite pastimes is going to Home Depot and browsing through all the tools they have.

“These are my songs.”
– Lila Lewis Irving, artist

Music plays an important role in Lila’s work. She loves opera and has named several paintings after inspirational pieces. She also listens to music as she works in the studio. Though her paintings are not directly influenced by the music, she says, “the music flows through me.”

The AGM is proud to introduce you to Lila Lewis Irving, an amazing artist and inspiring woman!

We invite you to view Con Spirito, at the AGM until April 29th. See our list of related programming on our website:

Also available at the Gallery:

Appassionata, a 96-page hardcover publication with full-colour images. This book features essays by Muriel Duncan, Joan Murray and Bryce Kanbara. $45 / $40.50 for AGM, MAC and VAM members.

Lila Lewis Irving originals – cards with original paintings by Lila Lewis Irving for only $5 each!

Con Spirito bookmarks | Two designs available: details from Lila Lewis Irving works Ondine and Turandot. FREE.

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