VAM 34 Artist Profile | Susan Ross

Susan Ross, Blast Off, oil on canvas, 91 x 91 cm

See more of Susan’s art on her website!

Connect with Susan on:
Twitter: @susanross57
Facebook: Susan Ross

1. Tell us about the artwork you have in VAM 34. Give us an idea of the conceptual framework you used in creating this piece. What inspired it? Why did you choose to use that particular medium? Why that particular perspective, set of colours, subject matter, etc

In the last couple of years I had been referencing aboriginal pictographs for the imagery in my work. I needed to do something more personal, my own language….my own personal imagery, that’s how Blast Off came to be. It really was in a sense “blasting off” in that I felt a real sense of freedom and taking off doing my own thing…..

2. How would you describe your creative process? What medium do you use most often and why?

In my practise process is the driving force; there is a real intuitive interaction with the painting on a visceral level. I strive to balance imagery with colour, shape, line, and space. The tensions and balances between these formal elements, how they meet and relate and allowing them to generate from one another keeps the painting moving and alive. The imagery that surfaces is my own personal language. Some of it is from past painting experiences and some of it is my own sensibility of here and now.  It’s important to keep it as raw and fresh as possible. Intuition, trust, letting go and self-exploration are essential elements in the creative process.

I use oil on canvas, oil paint is very sensual and luscious. It really does seduce you.

3. How would you describe the Mississauga art community?  What excites you most about it? Why should art lovers from Toronto come visit? What can you do to ignite the Mississauga art community? How do you think the AGM can ignite the community?

I’ve only been involved in the community the last couple of years and I am pleasantly surprised at how active it is. The AGM show is very professional and well organized. The gallery space is quite beautiful. I think it’s a great space for art lovers to visit. I plan on being more involved with it this year.

4. Art should be accessible. Agree or disagree? What does “accessible” mean to you? How can galleries make art accessible even to people who’ve never been to an art gallery? If you disagree, why?

Yes art should definitely be accessible, not intimidating. I think the space and the organization can influence that. The AGM is a good example of that; in the space and their staff and in the events they hold, they bring in people that might not otherwise go to a gallery.

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