Art and Stories at the AGM

The Art Gallery of Mississauga is proud to announce a collaborative partnership with the Mississauga Library System! The AGM believes in nurturing a thriving, dynamic arts scene in Mississauga. The AGM looks forward to achieving this goal by organizing collaborative enterprises between the visual arts and literature.

In a few weeks, during March Break, we invite youth ages 10 – 19 to join us in taking art beyond its canvas, and merging the worlds of visual art and literature. Sign up for our FREE Tell Me A Story workshop, by obtaining a ticket at the Mississauga Central Library. Details here. Tell Me A Story is inspired by The Chronicles of Harris Burdick, which challenges readers to use Chris Van Allsburg’s illustrations as the inspiration for story telling. In the book, established authors like Stephen King took up the challenge. For our workshop, we pass the challenge on to you — what stories can you create from the art in the AGM’s Permanent Collection?

Adults — we’d love to invite you to participate as well! While the workshop is specifically geared towards youth, we invite everyone, of all ages, to participate in Art Story, the online component of our Art-Inspired Creative Writing Workshop!

How it works:

Every Thursday leading up to the workshop proper on March 12th, the AGM will be posting an image from its Permanent Collection on Twitter and Facebook. Follow the AGM on Twitter and keep an eye out for the Twitter hashtag #ArtStory. Or, you can like us on Facebook, and keep an eye on the Art Story photo album on the AGM’s Facebook Page.

We invite you to create your own story for these art images. We challenge you to create a tweet-story in under 120 characters — don’t forget to include the hashtag! Or, if you want to create a longer story, comment on the photo in the Facebook album.

Do you want to participate, but are on neither Twitter nor Facebook? Easy — just email the AGM your story at, and we may include it in a future blog post!

We look forward to see the Art Stories you can create!

How to Register and Get Involved

Teachers, parents and youth — interested in signing up for the March Break workshop, or in having your students or children sign up? Contact the Mississauga Central Library at 905 615 3500 or for information on obtaining tickets for March Break programming.

If you know others who might be interested in this workshop – please share the link to this post, or contact the AGM at 905 896 5088 or  Thank You!

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