Summer of Bollywood and Salmon

Salt Encrusted Salmon

That was a short autumn, eh? Anyone else shivering in the crisp fall wind that makes it feel almost like winter? Thank goodness for temperature control in the Gallery!

Visitors enjoying Picture House
Wall of White Wash

One of my favourite ways to get rid of cold weather blahs is to remember summer, and this past summer was quite a scorcher in terms of AGM programming. Meet Us on the Commons was an exciting exploration of how we redefine public space with out experiences. Our South Asian exhibits (Picture House: The Art of Bollywood and Amin Rehman: White Wash) were also very popular. It’s fantastic seeing the art and culture of other countries! We love being part of such a culturally diverse community as Mississauga, and we hope you enjoyed these exhibits as much as we did. If, like us, you want even more exhibits of art from other cultures, stay tuned. Something hot is coming in Summer 2012.

Video still from Meet us on the Commons
Super Salmo rescues her fishy friends from water pollution!

We also launched the Salmon Run Project: The Exhibition with the Mississauga Culture Division this summer. What better way to spend a lazy summer day than by sitting by a river and fishing? Well, perhaps enjoying contemporary art is more exciting, but thanks to twenty-four talented artists, the AGM was able to combine  both! At select locations all along the Credit River, we displayed salmon sculptures all summer, and held a silent auction in September. It was a wonderful way to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the Credit River in Mississauga, and we love hearing from artists how much fun they had creating these sculptures.

Best part? Some of the sculptures are still on display at the Art Gallery of Mississauga! Even if you missed the Salmon Run this summer, you can drop by the AGM next week and see the salmon sculptures all in one room. We know you’ll love these sculptures as much as we do. All sculptures on display are available for purchase, for $300 each. Just inquire at reception. Available salmon are listed on our website.

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