Stacey Sproule’s video at Celebration Square!

Draw Near, Stacey Sproule, video

Have you seen Stacey Sproule’s new video on the screens in Celebration Square yet? Not only can you view Draw Near (Rat King Study) in the Art Gallery of Mississauga, you can catch it every hour at Celebration Square, between 8am and 10pm. This work will run until the close of the exhibition, September 11, 2011.

About Draw Near, Stacey Sproule writes:

In Germanic folklore a Rat King is several rats hopelessly tangled by their tails (and bits of debris) as a result of too many rats living in too small a space. It is believed that many of the rats die as their tails are pulled deeper into the tangle by the stronger rats, and their bodies become twisted and contorted.  I will be using the concept of the rat king as a metaphor for this performance. In life we become entangled in the lives of others and the course of their decisions have the gravity to affect our own life (whether you like it or not). I wanted to manifest this idea in a human rat king, its members braided together as one awkward unit.

Learn more about Stacey Sproule’s practice by visiting her blog, Under This Weight We Grow.

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