Jeff Jones, Dunlop

Jeff Jones, Dunlop

  1. Tell us about the salmon artwork you have in the Salmon Run Project: The Exhibition.
    The artwork I created for the salmon Run was based on the golf balls that travel down the river, creating a salmon with golf ball scales to illustrate it’s environment and the effect it has on the fish. The base was created using materials gathered from the beaches of Port Credit, where I find the balls that were used in the project. I wanted to show my interpretation of the bottom of the Credit River, golf balls lining the riverbed as they flow from the golf courses to the lake.
  2. What made you want to submit a proposal for the Salmon Run Project?
    I liked the idea of creating a 3-D piece of artwork using found objects, I had been collecting golf balls for a couple of years with no clear idea in mind and when I saw the Salmon Run project, it all came together and seemed a perfect fit. I had often thought of the golf balls and their travels down the river.
  3. How and when did you become interested in creating art?
    I have been a creative artist longer than I can remember; I have a memory of my Mother talking to my grandmother at the cottage about me becoming an artist one day. I was colouring in a colouring book so I couldn’t; have been too old at the time. I have never wanted to be anything else but an artist.
  4. What do you think of the art scene in Mississauga? Where do you see it heading in the next ten years?
    I think that it is an exciting time to be an artist living and working in Mississauga. We are a young city, but we are maturing. This affords us the ability to see the value in the arts, and to be open to many forms of expression, as well as to have the space to put our art. Most of our city is still a blank canvas.The community is eager to express its culture and continues to find new and exciting ways to incorporate the artistic voices of our citizens. I am very excited to see the fruition of some of the current art proposals and projects around out city. I hope that in ten years we demonstrate a continued commitment to the arts, and can see the benefit of new projects that are only in proposal / infant stages now. For instance, the Culture Master Plan’s Public Art program is going to lead to some exciting art spaces.In the next ten years I also hope to see the Arsenal lands at Dixieand Lakeshore converted to art studios and galleries. I see this as a great investment in the community and the arts. We have seen in Toronto many times…where artist thrives, culture follows, and then revitalization pays off with stable neighbourhood. I hope that Mississaugacan follow Toronto’s example and set an exciting chapter for Mississauga’s Lakeview neighbourhood in motion.
  5. What advice would you give young people who want to become artists?
    Follow your heart. If you truly love what you do, your dreams will come true. It takes hard work and dedication to your craft.
  6. What do you currently have lined up in terms of artistic opportunities? For people interested in finding more of your artwork, do you have a website, blog, Twitter account or gallery?
    I am currently on summer break from any large projects. Most of my art projects are conceived in my head and do not manifest themselves until I have time to dedicate to them. I am in the process of recording some songs and will soon begin painting again. I have a desire to paint a series of bulls. I have always loved bulls and their energy seems to appeal to me, capturing their movements and energy will be the goal of my paintings. Winter always seems a better time for me to hide away and create.
    I generally don’t publish or show my art, my basement is filled with half finished projects and paintings. I am also building some furniture out of found objects, I won’t know where it will take them until they come together.

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