Activities and Workshops

Upcoming activities and workshops at the AGM:

Tuesday, August 23rd, 1-3 pm
Workshop: Mixtape Mapping *
For youth ages 12 – 19

Many works in Meet us at the commons use music to describe a meaningful connection to places and as a tool to transform our surroundings. Participants will collaborate on making a map of Mississauga by locating places of personal significance and mapping them out on a giant piece of paper to illustrate the city’s geography based on memories and experiences of it. Participants will also produce a playlist of songs that correspond to these places, creating mixtape maps to engage with and explore the world around us. The map will be displayed in the AGM and the playlist will be shared on the AGM’s blog.
* Please email to register or call the gallery at 905 896 5088

Thursday, August 25th, 11 am, 2 pm, and 5pm
Sauga 2030 Audio Tour with The Department of Unusual Certainties *
$15 per participant

Get in a car and travel the DoUC’s audio tour of Mississauga with the artists themselves. Sauga 2030 is a look at past and present day events of Mississauga to protect a series of fictional audio vignettes that imagine the city’s future and explore its contested sites nineteen years from now. Buckle up for a dynamic soundscape experience.
* Please email to register or call the gallery at 905 896 5088

Thursday, August 25th, 7 pm
Mississauga Art’s Council’s Media Arts Mash-Up
Are you a media artist, filmmaker, videographer or someone who is interested in making a film? Join us for the next edition of Media Arts Mash-Up! We are pleased to welcome featured speaker Elaine Dalit, the creative mind behind Fund Bubble. Elaine will come to speak about how you can use this fund sharing platform to support your project. We will also feature the work and films of local filmmakers. Interested in screening your film?
RSVP with Sonya Poweska 905 615 4214

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