3 Ways To Enjoy Sauga 2030

Book a seat on the Sauga 2030 Audio Driving Tour with the Department of Unusual Certainties
On Thursday August 25, join the Department of Unusual Certainties on an exploratory drive through Mississauga. Experience the sounds and stories of the city as it has been mapped out by a series of soundscapes and fictional audio vignettes that narrate imagined futures for sites throughout Mississauga in the year 2030. As participants journey from site to site, hearing charged confrontations between groups with opposing desires for these places, conflict becomes defined as a catalyst for the appropriation and transformation of space. In Sauga 2030, these encounters with seemingly unstable spaces leave us wondering what they will become next.

Tours leave the AGM at 11am, 2pm, and 5pm. Limited spaces are available for the driving tour. To book your spot in the car with the Department of Unusual Certainties, call the Art Gallery of Mississauga at 905-896-5088 or email agmcommons@gmail.com

$15 per participant

Download Sauga 2030
Sauga 2030 is available for free on the iTunes App Store. It can be downloaded to your iPhone or iPad and experienced at any time, even beyond the end of the exhibition.

Borrow an iPad
Can’t come for the driving tour and don’t have an iPhone to test out the app? An iPad is also available at the Art Gallery of Mississauga which visitors are welcome to sign out.

How to enjoy Sauga 2030
Decided to try out the tour on your own? Here’s how to do it*:

  • Open the app on your iPhone or the iPad borrowed from the Art Gallery of Mississauga. A map of Mississauga will pop up.
  • To take the tour, travel toward one of the 10 placemarkers that appear on the map. The tour can be started at any one of these destinations.
  • As one travels through the tour, a blue marker will identify your location in retrospect to the map.
  • Touch the circle at the top left hand corner of the app to turn off the feature which keeps the blue marker centred on the screen.
  • As you’re driving through the tour, ambient noise tracks will be automatically triggered near sites.
  • By touching on of the 10 place markers, you will get more detailed information about the specific site you are traveling towards or near.
  • When you arrive at the site, press the play button to hear the story.
  • Any story can be played more than once –there is also a time bar that can be used to rewind or fast forward.


* Please be advised that the full tour takes approximately 2 hours and can be taken in parts. For more information, contact the gallery: 905-896-5088 or email agmcommons@gmail.com

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