Dandy Gangs -a working class love story

On Wednesday August 17 please join us at 6:30pm in Mississauga’s Celebration Square for the concluding performance of Derek Liddington’s work Dandy Gangs: a working-class love story, a dance-rock-opera that unfolds over various public sites in Mississauga. Knowing and unknowing audiences will see two opposing groups of dancers and musicians entangle in scena…rios of territorial misunderstanding, conflict and tension through elaborate operatic song and dance choreography based on early Fluxus happenings, scenes from West Side Story and operatic interpretations of early ‘90s hip hop music.

A free shuttle bus to this performance departs for Celebration Square, 300 City Centre Drive, from the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto at 5:00pm. To reserve a seat, please call the Art Gallery of Mississauga at 905-896-5088.

For more information about the performance and other performance locations, please contact curator Elizabeth Underhill: agmcommons@gmail.com

Cara Spooner – Choreographer
Kristin Mueller-Heaslip – Opera
Suzanne Kilgore – Opera
Jesse Lee Bellon – Guitarist
Chris Ramelan – Actor

Cara Spooner, Sky Fairchild-Waller, Jesse Dell, Shawn D’Souza, Kirstie Keenan, Eric Solu, Simon Rabyniuk, Andrea de Keijzer, Marcin Kedzoir, Robert Kingsbury, Adri Disman

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