Tina Newlove

Tina Newlove, she dreamt she was carried away, down river

  1. Tell us about the salmon artwork you have in the Salmon Run Project: The Exhibition.
    The Salmon artwork I did titled she dreamt she was carried away, down river combines a whimsical scene of young girl drifting along while capturing my interpretation of the salmon’s movements through the swirling, trickling water. I painted the salmon with in an expressionistic way in acrylics and added hand-cut paper fins, which are lace-like and reminiscent of doilies. I wanted to incorporate a laissez-faire feeling for life but with anticipation for the journey upstream.
  2. What made you want to submit a proposal for the Salmon Run Project?
    I submitted a proposal for the Salmon Run Project because  the movement of the river and its inhabitants has had a profound effect on my life perhaps because I grew up beside the Credit River in Glen Williams ON.
  3. How and when did you become interested in creating art?
    I have always been interested in losing myself in creative projects.
  4. What do you think of the art scene in Mississauga? Where do you see it heading in the next ten years?
    I think Mississauga has a vibrant art scene and look forward to see it become even more inclusive and spilling out into the streets and impacting more of the public..
  5. What advice would you give young people who want to become artists?
    I would advise young people who like to become artists to believe in themselves, trust their instincts, surround themselves with creative, supportive people and use all the resources that art councils and art societies have to offer.
  6. What do you currently have lined up in terms of artistic opportunities? For people interested in finding more of your artwork, do you have a website, blog, Twitter account or gallery?
    I will be heading to the Capital X Fairgrounds in Edmonton for a week this summer to do live painting with Tribe of One http://www.tribeofone.com/ , performers who fuse the rich heritage of indigenous cultures with modern forms of artistic expression.  My website is http://www.tinanewlove.com/ and I invite people to join my facebook group at  ::#-TiNA NeWLoVe-#::

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