Eleonora Gattesco Roberts, Journey

Eleonora Gattesco Roberts, Journey

  1. Tell us about the salmon artwork you have in the Salmon Run Project: The Exhibition.
    My artwork pays homage to the fishing sport and to the rejuvenation of the salmon over the years in the credit river. Embedded into the sculpture are salmon wet fly hooks – the very kind one would use to catch a salmon. They both decorate the fish as scales and alludes to the anglers’ passion. After all, is it not the fisherman who brought awareness to the state of the salmon?
  2. What made you want to submit a proposal for the Salmon Run Project?
    I was born and raised in Streetsville. The credit river plays a major role in my childhood memories – hiking, playing, family picnics at the park and of course going to see the salmon during the salmon run on the credit. “Journey” is inspired by a childhood memory of the aggressive fish as they swan upstream to spawn.
  3. How and when did you become interested in creating art?
    I’ve always been creative in one way or another – all my career choices have had some basis in using my creative skills, but it has been very recently – over the last year or so that I have felt compelled to concentrate on it.
  4. What do you think of the art scene in Mississauga? Where do you see it heading in the next ten years?
    As it has always been, the best art is inspired & influenced but not ruled by current society – without a doubt, technology will continue to play a role in it. Environmental issues also strikes a chord.
  5. What advice would you give young people who want to become artists?
    Self censorship can be limiting – don’t be afraid to explore where your art can take you.
  6. What do you currently have lined up in terms of artistic opportunities? For people interested in finding more of your artwork, do you have a website, blog, Twitter account or gallery?
    I’m currently developing a series of art pieces using architectural salvage.

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