Cheryl Mount, The Edge


Cheryl Mount, The Edge, oil, 60 x 90 cm, $1000 

1. Tell us about the artwork you have in the VAM 2011 Juried Show.

The piece I have in the VAM 2011 show is part of a series I have been painting incorporating the “horizon line”, taken from the literal as well as the abstract view.  It is an open ended theme.  I am a painter who paints utilizing the process of layering oil paints making the immediate decision of what to cover and what to reveal of the under painting.  This painting was begun with an under painting that was quite fluid and layering more impasto areas of colour.  I used a horizon line close to the top of the canvas and layered paint that was quite subtle over the areas.  The Edge was a name I chose as I use shapes at the edges as well as the abstract concept of an edge leading somewhere else.

2. How and when did you first become interested in creating art?

I have always been interested in art and I have transitioned from one media to another:  water colour, acrylic, oil, and have done faux finishes for homes. When I was a teacher I loved involving children in very creative activities.

3. What do you think of the art scene in Mississauga? Where do you see it heading in the next ten years?

I think the art scene in Mississauga has progressed and not just in the area of fine arts, but music and theatre arts too.  I think as the community has more time to spend involved with the arts, so will the facilities and galleries expand.

4. What advice would you give young people who want to become artists?

I think young people should follow their desire to become artists or any other passion.  When you are truly committed to a field of study it defines who you are.  It takes the process of experimentation and study and relationships with others in the field to have awareness of who you are.

5. What do you have lined up after the VAM Juried Show? For people interested in finding more of your artwork, do you have a website, blog, Twitter account or gallery?

I will continue to paint and exhibit in shows and further my professional development by taking workshops.

I have a web site:

See Cheryl Mount’s The Edge at the Art Gallery of Mississauga in the VAM 33rd Annual Juried Show until February 26th.

Voting for People’s Choice Award ongoing until February 26th. Ballots available at Gallery reception.

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