Karin Fediw, Homestead

Karin Fediw, Homestead, 23 x 30 cm, NFS
  1. Tell us about the artwork you have in the VAM 2011 Juried Show.

This century farmhouse in midsummer is surrounded by Queen Anne’s lace and other wild flowers. I set up my plein air easel at the side of the road and painted it on a hot, summer’s afternoon. I wanted to show the age of the house and outbuildings and the exuberance of the roadside flowers.

2. How and when did you first become interested in creating art?

I think I got the itch to create art when I saw breathtaking work by other artists and felt the need to try to create something equally appealing.

3. What do you think of the art scene in Mississauga? Where do you see it heading in the next ten years?

The Art Gallery of Mississauga is a great resource which can benefit the area now and in the future. I would like to see more shows and galleries in the community supporting the arts and up-and-coming artists.

4. What advice would you give young people who want to become artists?

All the teachers I’ve studied with have emphasized the need to practise drawing.

5. What do you have lined up after the VAM Juried Show? For people interested in finding more of your artwork, do you have a website, blog, Twitter account or gallery?

I am continuing to paint and take classes and workshops at VAM and other art groups. I will be setting up an online gallery in the near future.

See Karin Fediw’s Homestead at the Art Gallery of Mississauga in the VAM 33rd Annual Juried Show until February 26th.

Voting for People’s Choice Award ongoing until February 26th. Ballots available at Gallery reception.

10 thoughts on “Karin Fediw, Homestead

  1. Sujata says:

    Wow! That’s wonderful Karin! Congratualtions! That is a beautiful painting! Is this the one for which you had people watching over your shoulder? I am glad that your work is being displayed in such prestigious places! Keep it up!

  2. Bev Morgan says:

    I have seen Karin’s painting hung in the gallery. It is the first one on the right as you enter, and grabs your attention immediately. The light and colour are amazing and the scene so very inviting and appealing. Congratulations, Karin, your work deserves to be shown and appreciated. I, for one, am a tremendous fan.

  3. Margot Miller says:

    Karin, You know I feel the same as everyone else who’s commented. It’s been amazing and wonderful to watch your artistry emerge/flower over the years. Your talent knocks me out! Your painting looks beautiful on screen. I can only imagine it live …hope to get down to see it. Very proud of you.

  4. Dinah says:

    I would like to express my appreciation for this lovely, calming, spirited work of art. It is nice to see an artist who is able to add their emotions to their creations. Hope to see more of your work around the city in many a gallery.

  5. Sam Paonessa says:

    Way to go Karin!
    Congratulations on being selected in the show, Well deserved!
    I appreciate your enthusiasm for painting.

  6. Kathy Evans says:

    Karin, This is beautiful! Such gorgeous greens. Congratulations, and thanks so much for letting me know about this show.

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