Gwyn V. Williams, Oak Forest

Gwyn V. Williams, Oak Forest, watercolour, 68 x 79 cm, $4000

1. Tell us about the artwork you have in the VAM 2011 Juried Show.

Oak Forest is part of my interest in natural phenomena. I lived on the edge of the Royal Forest of Dean in the UK, which supplied wood for Drake’s galleons against the Spanish Armada because it is better than Norwegian oak. So the Forest was on my doorstep.

The watercolor took 2 days to complete and seemed to flow once I had conceived the composition of proportion, color and structure of the branches/skeletons.The success of the picture lies in the balance of pure color/shape of the trees in foliage and the drawing. It is that simple but is appealing because of a balance of subject and technique.

2. How and when did you first become interested in creating art?

My interest in art began very early at home and at Elementary school where I painted a local scene for the Principal`s office. Later I seem to have inspiring tutors at each school/college/University and Academy.

3. What advice would you give young people who want to become artists?

The economic situation everywhere seems a bit negative, but everyone should try to stay away from debt in order to have time to create in sketchbooks, film, writing and making in order to seek an individual identity. Visit shows, find good advice and innovate and invent. Believe in yourself.

4. What do you have lined up after the VAM Juried Show? For people interested in finding more of your artwork, do you have a website, blog, Twitter account or gallery?

Right now I am working on a big project to be shown somewhere. Talks are on-going but nothing is decided as yet. However I hope to have 2 solo shows later this year. Apart from my website, collectors and visitors are always welcome to see my paintings,drawings and prints. My website is

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