Thanksgiving Treat: Art in Progress

Hi 905 Art Chatters! The AGM will be off for Thanksgiving, and we’d just like to give you all a little treat before we go. I love watching artists at work, and seeing their creations slowly come to life.

Let’s begin with Abraham Anghik Ruben’s latest whalebone and Brazilian soapstone sculpture. Here are some images, courtesy of Kipling Gallery, of Abraham’s work in progress at his studio:

Note the smooth surface of the whalebone, and check out the later image below:

And the other side of the sculpture:

In our golf tournament a couple of weeks ago, we had an artist, Robin Hollingdrake, create an en plein air painting at the first hole. She begins with some preliminary sketches…

Then fills in the background…

… and the details.

Happy Thanksgiving, Art Chatters!

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