Welcome to the new AGM Blog!

Lynne Cohen, Laboratory, photograph, 123 x 153 cm

Welcome to the Art Gallery of Mississauga’s new blog!

Have you seen Art at Work at the AGM yet? Curated by Geraldine Davis, Art at Work reveals how corporate art can be edgy (Kelly Wood’s Garbage Bag), nostalgic (David Buchan’s Twintron, a post-modern take on Paul Peel’s After the Bath_, and even playful (Tania Kitchell’s Snow White).

When you drop by, be sure to check out Lynne Cohen’s Laboratory (image above). The light in the Gallery enhances the shiny, somewhat futuristic vibe of the work, and contrasts wonderfully with the potential of gruesome acts being committed in laboratories.

Other works to check out:

Kai Chan’s Adam and Eve # 2 – A beautifully fragile bamboo sculpture, it prompts the viewer to wonder, why has Kai Chan called it Adam and Eve?

Kim Adams’ He He — This bright red tricycle sculpture, with its gleefully childlike title, regularly infuses a sense of fun into the law offices of McCarthy Tetrault.

Barbara Astman’s Untitled (I was thinking of you) – A Dear John letter typewritten on a Polaroid shot of a young woman, Astman’s piece explores the ways in which a narrative can both shield and reveal its subject. The text imprints on the image in a more textured way than digital imagery can create.

Mitch Robertson’s Winners and Losers (tennis) – Manipulated black and white photographs play with the idea of bad guys and good guys; usually displayed in the law offices of Osler Hoskin & Harcourt.

Let us know what you think of Art at Work by emailing agm.blog@gmail.com!

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